Introducing Japan's First Museum of international Poster Art

As the end of the 20th century approaches, 1996 will mark the year in which our poster art committee in Ogaki City will establish Japan's first Museum of International Poster Art.

Poland proved the universal message Poster art portrays from the success of the first international poster exhibition held in Warsaw in 1966. Poland then went on to become the first country to establish a poster museum in 1968 therefore becoming the leading country in the artistic field of poster expression. It has been through Poland's biennial poster exhibitions that Japanese poster artists and designers have gained international recognition and acclaim from critics around the world. We feel the status Japanese Poster art thus attained has enabled us to open Japan's own international poster museum.

Without denying the significant role that Bauhaus has played as the leading influence in modern design we are seeking a new direction for the 21st century. This "renaissance of design," referred to by Masaru Katsumi, contains the fundamental idea that the message poster art conveys can be universally understood regardless of an individual's language, race, socio economic level or age.

The collection and exhibition of poster art will contribute to the standard of international visual language. Our main idea is to expose the world to this artistic medium which offers clear, visual communication of ideas both political, cultural and general in nature which are expressed by artists throughout the world. to broaden the international viewing audience of the poster medium, Ogaki City's poster art museum will establish a computerized database for the world's poster art to be easily accessed by all.

We would like to invite designers and artists from around the world to contribute their work to our museum. Posters will be presented by nation or on display through individual artists' exhibitions. We look forward to the participation of the international artist community. The Ogaki City poster art committee hope:Professor of University of Kanazae further understanding of the world's cultures and hence help bring about world peace and harmony among humankind.


                                  April 1st, 1996




Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan Planning Committee Members

Hitoshi Tsuchiya:Ogaki Kyouritsu Bank Board of Directors
Dr.Terumichi Osako:Gifu Economic University Professor
Noboru Matsuura:Professor of University of Kanazawa